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Bơm Teral - Teral Pumps


Various Type of Centrifugal Pumps
We have achieved high-performance small and lightweight pumps through the latest fluid designs. These are durable and powerful pumps that can be used outdoors as well as in humid or dusty conditions.

photo Submersible Pumps
These submersible pumps are for use underwater. Our extensive product lineup meets various water drainage needs including rainwater at work sites, spring water, ditch water, and purification tanks.

Water Supply and Fire Pumps
These are powerful pumps that are compact and have energy-saving designs. These high-performance, highly durable pumps for stress-free construction give us a sense of safety in our lives.

photo Air-Conditioner Fans
From massive fans used to circulate air in large underground parking garages and subway stations to household kitchen Sirocco fans.

Industrial Pumps and Fans
These pumps and fans are installed in thermal power plants, buildings, factories, and every other kind of facility and move air and water to create a comfortable atmosphere. Our extremely safe and high-performance products maintain clean production facilities.

photo Kitchen Garbage Disposal Systems
A disposer grinds kitchen garbage and purifies it in a disposal tank before passing it to sewerage. These systems lead to sanitary living environments and environmental conservation.

Filtration Equipment
For cooling water, process water, and various other kinds of industrial water drainage. These systems can also be used for the effective utilization of rainwater and help to create a society that recycles its resources.

photo Flexible Piping Systems
A flexible piping system with coupling only at the ends. The layout is flexible and also achieves reduced construction periods and costs.

Household Pump Series
Used in houses and housing complexes. We offer ideas for pressure pumps, deep well pumps, submersible pumps, etc. that are tailored to installation sites.